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LG G3, Shine Gold 32GB

The LG G3 has certainly turned heads with its features and large size, but does it live up to the hype? Frankly, it is certainly one of the most impressive looking smartphones on the market today. Itís large size, number of features and excellent rear camera has drawn raves from fans, but does all of that make for a great choice for everyone?

What follows is a breakdown of the features and capabilities of the LG G3. While it certainly has become the talk of the town, it also represents a new step for LG that may signal the future of their smartphone line.

The LG G3 does boast some impressive hardware starting with its 2.5GHz Snapdragon 801 processor which allows it to work at high speeds. Add to that the 32GB of storage and impressive 3GB of RAM and you have one impressive system that offers excellent speed, storage and overall processing features for a smartphone. However, you can also order a smaller version that only features 16GB of storage and 2GB of RAM if you donít need all that space and want to save a little money.

Also included is a 13 pixel camera rear camera, a 2 pixel front camera that is packaged in a cool, sleek modern casing that is highlighted by the brushed metal finish that separates this version from its ancestors. But what most people will notice is the remarkable 5.5" display that makes the G3 considerably larger than previous versions as well.

The somewhat curved design of the G3 and clean, new appearance are certainly a plus for this series, especially when taking into account what it can do. The G3 sports many features as well, including a microSD card slot, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS, IR blaster, NFC and more.

The 5.5" display translates to 2,560 x 1,440 pixels which mean it is one of the larger displays around for a common smartphone design. Whether the larger screen actually translates into a better, higher resolution screen is another matter. However, it is fair to say that it does perform well and offers a much better platform to watch movies, view images and carry all the icons so that you can access the software of the camera.

The impressive 13 pixel camera is certainly one of the best on the market today thanks to its overall clarity and color composition. The software for the camera is relatively simple as well. You simply open up the camera function, point it at the subject and shoot which is almost too easy at least in the default mode. There are options to jazz up the image if you want, but overall if you like taking good, clear pictures, then youíll love the rear camera and software system.

The front camera, which is also titled the "selfie", is a mere 2 pixel version and is relatively simple and functional with no other redeeming qualities. In other words, itís nice but nothing to write home about.

Battery Life
Despite its size, the battery life on the G3 is considerable and offers users the ability to go several hours without having to recharge under normal conditions. This is certainly one of the big positives from the G3 and helps it to lead the pack in terms of its operational life under a single charge. Under normal conditions, you can expect the G3 to last 10 hours for a single charge which is certainly remarkable for such as camera.

Here is where the LG G3 really shines or is really a pain as there are so many features that many users just might find it overwhelming. At least the large display screen makes it easier to see all the features that you have on your smartphone, although you may be hard pressed to notice all of the anyway.

Of the more interesting features, the "Smart Tips" can be accessed by swiping right when you are on the home screen. It features a menu that includes the camera, smart notice and knock code which even has YouTube videos attached so you can better understand the features which seems a little much. Basically, it may take you a while just to digest a single "tip" from this feature.

"Smart Notice" is sort of like Google Now that is designed strictly for the G3. It will assist you in simplifying your call system by suggesting what numbers you call frequently to move to "Contacts", or prompting you to call back someone if you have not. It will even feature birthday reminders that you can pre-program into the phone as well.

For those who enjoy exercising, the "LG Health" feature is certainly one of the best. It features a GPS map so you can track your walks, jogging, biking or other activities and even lets you compete with friends who have the same program. Also included is the "LG Knock Code" and "Knock On" keyboard that provides more flexibility when you need to type. Both of these features come in real handy when you need to type in a PIN code, change your "tap" pattern on the phone and add more security just in case.

You Won't Regret Having this Phone
There are certainly a lot of things to like about the new LG G3 smartphone. In fact, this may be the perfect smartphone for those who enjoy having the following:

  • Strong Battery Life
  • Excellent Rear Camera
  • Large, Vibrant Display
  • Overall Solid Performance
In fact, many of these advantages are perfect for those who want a straightforward, reliable smartphone in a sleek casing along with a really good camera. However, the phone is not without its issues;
  • Myriad of Software Choices
  • Overly Large Size

Really, there are probably too many software choices that are marginally functional at best. This means that unless you have a special interest in some, youíll probably not use most of what is on the phone. Plus, the large size means that it can be inconvenient to use and store while carrying it around with you. Still, the LG G3 is quite the remarkable phone that is definitely one of the better, if larger ones on the market today. For those who do want a smartphone that performs well and size is not an issue, this is certainly one to consider.

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