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Best Deal on LG Optimus L9 Phone for T-Mobile

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LG Optimus L9

Upgrading your smartphone is often an expensive endeavor, but thatís not the case with the midlevel LG Optimus L9. This inexpensive device has some great hardware and features that you wonít find with many other similar T-Mobile phones. You also get many pre-installed apps from T-Mobile and Google that are great for gamers and shoppers. The virtual keyboard is built with Swype technology. This means that you can just drag your finger across the keys to draft a message.

Virtual Keyboard While many Android phones can use Swype keyboards, few of them have this as a default option. It might be a few minutes before you are accustomed to this software, but youíll wonder how you ever lived without it. Instead of slowly tapping each key to draft a message, you can quickly drag your finger over the keys. Just briefly pause over each character to let the keyboard know that you want to insert it into your message.

Give yourself some time to get used to this software. You will be able to write texts and emails in about half the time when compared to normal virtual keyboards.

T-Mobile Apps You also get a bunch of apps from T-Mobile that are incredibly useful. The Game Base app is a gaming portal that has many games that you can play for free. You can also save your best scores through this app to share with your friends.

Another great app is the More for Me app. This allows you to quickly search for discounts and deals in your local area so that you can save money while shopping. You can subscribe to T-Mobile TV, which allows you to stream TV channels like PBS Kids and Fox News. You can easily share files with you friends and coworkers with FileShare and SmartShare.

You also get many apps that are standard to most Android devices. You get Google apps like Chrome, GMail and Plus so that you can browse the Internet, check your email and remain social with your friends online. Thereís also a GPS app, instant messenger and the YouTube app.

Hardware The LG Optimus L9 has some impressive specs considering its fairly low price point. This device has a massive 4.5-inch display with full touch capability. Itís also ideal for watching HD videos online through YouTube and any other streaming websites. Speaking of HD, the phone has a 5MP camera that can also record 1080p HD videos.

This device is incredibly fast with its 1GHz dual-core processor. You can switch between different programs without noticing any lags or problems. The battery lasts for about eight hours under normal circumstances. Another great thing about this device is that you can add a microSD card to expand its memory to save many apps and videos.

Internet Connectivity The Optimus L9 is able to connect to 4G networks so that you can browse the Internet nearly as quickly as with a desktop or laptop. If you are used to the outdated 3G phones that often lag when loading websites, then you will notice a huge difference with 4G connectivity. You can also connect to mobile hotspots at work or home.

  • A large 4.5-inch display that is great for HD movies and photos
  • Use voice actions to operate your phone with ease
  • Comes with a range of apps from T-Mobile and Google
  • Automatically has the Swype keyboard, which is perfect for quickly drafting messages
  • Has GPS capabilities and location-based apps and services
  • Ships with Android 4.0
  • Connect to the Internet with 4G networks or hotspots
  • A 5MP camera that takes HD photos and movies

Your Price: $49.99  
Select T-Mobile plans for LG Optimus L9 free shippingFREE SHIPPING

LG Optimus L9 for T-Mobile
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