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Best Deal on Samsung Galaxy Exhibit Phone for T-Mobile

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Samsung Galaxy Exhibit

If you want the full smartphone experience without paying a lot of money, then the Samsung Galaxy Exhibit is the perfect balance of power and affordability. Not only do you get the Android Jellybean OS, but this free T-Mobile phone can access the Internet at blazing speeds while doubling as a media center for your favorite songs and movies. This is a device that is sure to please even the pickiest smartphone users.

Operating System
The Exhibit has the latest and greatest Android OS. Not only can you easily customize the user interface to suit your particular needs, but the OS moves faster and loads everything quicker than previous operating systems. If you want an OS that works with you rather than constrains you, then Jellybean is a significant upgrade from the market standard.

Internet Connectivity
Not only do you get the fastest OS, but you have get the best Internet connectivity. The Exhibit can connect to 4G LTE networks so that you can download apps in seconds or blaze through many websites without lagging. Every smartphone user loves using the Internet, but youíve never really experienced the best connectivity until youíve used a 4G LTE device.

Want to take pictures worth printing and videos that are clear and vivid? You can easily do this with the Exhibit. The 5MP camera lets you capture videos and pictures that look simply amazing. You can easily share these files with friends and family members, or you can upload them to your computer to keep for later.

You need a strong processor to ensure that the device can run the best apps without crashing or lagging. This smartphone has a dual-core 1GHz processor, which should be more than enough for your everyday usage. You can play HD games and load media-rich websites without the phone slowing down on you.

T-Mobile TV
Want to watch your favorite shows while the TV is occupied or on the go? Thatís not a problem with the T-Mobile TV app. You can easily stream the most popular shows with this free app that is available exclusively to T-Mobile customers. Not only that, but the 4G connectivity will ensure that you can watch the shows without experiencing the dreaded buffer.

Battery Life
Nobody likes a phone that dies in the middle of a good conversation. Youíll never have to worry about that with the Exhibit because you can talk for nine continuous hours without having to recharge. You should also be able to use the Internet for about five or six hours if you are connected to a 4G LTE network. If you just want to listen to your music, then the battery will last for a full 27 hours.

Many new smartphones have large screens that are great for watching movies, but they are too big for the human hand. This device has a 3.8-inch display thatís good for watching movies and playing games without becoming inconvenient. Youíll have no problems holding and using this smartphone.

  • Has 4G LTE connectivity for the fastest mobile browsing experience.
  • Comes with the T-Mobile TV app so that you can stream your favorite shows.
  • Uses the Android Jellybean OS for unparalleled speed and reliability.
  • The 3.8-inch display is great for consuming media while offering a comfortable experience.
  • The battery will last about nine hours if you are talking and about five hours if you are browsing the Internet.
  • Uses a 5MP camera that produces clear photos and videos.
  • Comes with a dual-core 1GHz processor that is perfect for HD games and other intensive features.

Your Price: FREE  
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Samsung Galaxy Exhibit for T-Mobile
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