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What You will get from AT&T Nation Unlimited Calling Plan
Folks, let's forget about unlimited nights and weekends. Don't wait till the middle of the night to make that unimportant phone call. Every minute is included in your AT&T Nation Unlimited Calling Plan. Forget about in network calling features. You don't need to find out whether your friends are using the same wireless carrier as you are, because you are not limited to any carrier, any mobile phone number, or landline. All you need to do is to dial the number whenever you want, wherever you want (of course within the United States). The Unlimited Calling Plan from AT&T give you all the standard features such as free nationwide roaming in case the at&t doesn't cover the area you are traveling to. Nation wide long distance is also included. For a very fair price of $99 a month, you have the all-you-can-eat minutes. If you like to talk on the phone a lot, the at&t unlimited National plan is the best for you.

So, How do you take advantage of at&t's new unlimited calling feature?
First, buy yourself a brand new phone - imagine how often you will be using the touch screen phone during days and nights. You definitely need a phone can be used in any conditions. Whether it's sunning, raining, hot, cold, humid, windy, or cloudy, your phone must be able to perform during any kind of conditions. Make sure the new phone can last for 2 years with little repair. Second, if your friends and family don't already have an unlimited calling plan, Persuade them to join a similar plan offered by their current carrier. Chances are your unlimited calling will increasingly reduce their limited calling minutes. All kidding aside, not everyone needs unlimited calls. Many of us can't even use up 1350 minutes each month (this plan rate is $79.99, which is $30 cheaper than the unlimited talk rate). But an extra $30 can only buy you additional 85 minutes if you total monthly minutes exceed the 1350 mark. Even if you occasionally go over the limit, having the unlimited feature will give you a peace of mind. It's just convenient and hassle free when it comes to viewing wireless phone bills each month.

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