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How much is the Cheap Verizon Voyager Phone Today?
It's free. It's too good, but it's true. Verizon Voyager Titanium is on sale now for $0 without any rebates. Brand new phone. There are not that many touchscreen phones from Verizon that cost $0 today. The new LG Voyager never sells below $200 in stores. Luckily, you can save tons of money by buying the Voyager online.

What makes the Verizon Voyager a better touchscreen phone?
The Voyager Titanium runs on the latest 3G network and is capable of delivering streaming video and music on the largest wireless network in the United States. It's has been one of the top selling Verizon cell phones and people look everywhere for the cheapest price. And yes, we have the cheapest price on LG Voyager VX10000. You don't need to pay a single penny to get this phone. You don't even need to pay for shipping. We will ship this brand new Verizon Voyager to you via 2-day FedEx express.

What do we like about the new Verizon Voyager
Its design is sleek and has more generous feature set than other phone in its class. Text messaging with the full QWERTY keyboard is just much easier than with a flip phone. 400x240 pixel resolution offers sharp colors, graphics, and animation - a huge improvement over the previous Voyager. Dual screens make the Voyager phone a true entertainment device for Mobile TV.

This deal won't last long. Get the cheap Verizon Voyager now!

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