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In theory, it should be relatively easy to perform a reverse cell phone lookup. However, the process may not be as straightforward as expected if the searcher does not know how to go about it. First of all, it is important to know what a reverse cell phone lookup actually means. This is basically the process where someone uses a cell phone number to know the details of the owner, such as name and address among others.

reverse cell phone lookup Searching for cell phone numbers is trickier than looking for landline numbers. This is due to the fact that individual cell phone providers issue the numbers instead of a system that brings regional companies together. In addition, many cell phone owners do not want their numbers becoming public. There is no cell phone directory. However, there are genuine reasons why someone may want to perform a reverse cell phone lookup. For example, a patient may be interested in finding the location of a new doctor in town and how to get there.

Other reasons why people may want to perform reverse cell phone lookup include:

  • - Determining the identity of unknown frequent callers
  • - Stopping prank callers
  • - Finding out who family members or friends communicate with
  • - Getting useful background information when looking to hire someone, especially in the home
  • - Finding details of debtors who only provided their cell phone numbers

The simplest way to know people’s details from their cell phone numbers is to use paid online services. There are dedicated websites where searchers can type in cell phone numbers to look for relevant details but they must make a payment to access the information. Many websites charge a one-time payment but some charge per download or annually.

reverse mobile phone lookup There are also special apps that smart phone users can install to perform reverse cell phone lookup directly from their devices. Smartphone technology has made it relatively easier to get the required details for free. These apps provide different kinds of information, including name, address and name of the service provider.

Some Android apps provide relevant details based on names, which may be people’s or business names. A good example is Reverse Lookup, which also provides information about city and state in addition to the details already mentioned. Other apps provide details about calls received. For example, Reverse Phone Number Lookup by Betterclicx provides information about Canada and US callers whether they have used cell phones or landlines. Another application that provides information about callers is Reverse Phone Lookup, which lets users access a database of over 200 million names from TAF Technology’s PhoneLookup also allows users to determine who their callers are so they can stop threatening or prank calls. Many apps also allow users to enter phone numbers manually.

The apps allow users to do a variety of things after getting the information they were looking for. They can map the locations of the callers, block future calls, dial the numbers or save contact information. Many apps provide publicly available data that cell phone companies provide. Location information provided is not GPS data but carrier’s office for the number or billing address.

While users must pay to use some apps, others are available free of charge. The bottom line is that you must pick the right service for what you need.

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