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Is the New LG Vu cu920 Smart Phone right for me?
Great News! Get The new LG vu cu920 for at&t mobility is FREE TODAY. Measured .25 by 2.16 by 0.51 inches HWD; weight is just 3.16 ounces, it is the perfect alternative to iPhone. It also has a big 3-inch, 240-by-400-pixel touch screen that tops many other smart phones. Although the touch screen is not as big and sharp as that of the iphone, it is definitely fun to use. Like the iphone, the cu920 lack the physical keyboard but offers a virtual one that's sufficient and manageable for messaging and emails. The keypad provides haptic feedback, vibrating each time you press a key - which iphone still has yet to offer. In my opinion, the feedback you get from pressing the keys actually make typing more accurate and thus more usable than other touch sensitive phone that lacks such feature.

Fastest 3G phone on AT&T?
The Vu cu920 uses at&t's latest 3G HSDPA 3.6 network is three to four times faster than the slower EDGE. When compared to the iphone 3G, it's actually 50% faster at least, even though iphone 3G use the same network. With new Vu, you can browse any websites and it displays the original layouts and content with no problem. Sites with heavy AJAX will take more time to render. You can also select certain part of the site zoom in and zoom out for your reading pleasure.

Best Phone for AT&T Mobile TV
The Vu has built-in software to work with AT&T's Mobile TV. There are currently 10 true digital TV programming available. Or you can use the built-in YouTube program to watch low quality streaming videos from YouTube mobile site. For $15 a month, the AT&T mobile TV service provides better quality and more organized programming. For even better reception when watching mobile TV, you can pull out the 5 inch long antenna and hit the TV button.

Alternative to iPhone
There are other touch screen phones available if you switch to switch to Verizon Wireless, like the new LG Voyager VX10000. So, is the new LG VU CU920 the right phone for you if you want something similar to iphone but with cheaper and more flexible plan? Yes. The phone is $0 with a 2-year plan. That's $200 cheaper than the basic iphone 3G. The important part is that you can add this phone to any existing at&t plan. Data and mobile TV, although will fully utilize all the advanced features, are not required for signing up.

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