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Nokia Lumia 928 Black

Nokia Lumia 928 Black for Verizon Wireless
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Verizon Wireless
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Nokia Lumia 521

Nokia Lumia 521 for T-Mobile
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Nokia Lumia 928 White

Nokia Lumia 928 White for Verizon Wireless
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Verizon Wireless
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For years, Nokia has been providing the world with high-quality, sturdy cell phones that have stood the test of time. You may have seen the jokes around the Internet about Nokia phones being completely indestructible. That is close to true, but it is certainly not the only reason to get a Nokia. If you do not yet know of any reasons you should buy a Nokia, consider these.

1. Consistent user interface across the board.

Nokia does not completely redesign its look every two years like some companies do. It makes small tweaks that improve the phone's function, but in general, if you have had a Nokia phone in the past and pick up one of their newer models, the menu will still be very familiar to you. You do not have to relearn the entire interface every time you upgrade your phone.

2. Excellent battery life.

Standby life is especially impressive with the Nokias, as your phone can go for days on very little use and not have to be plugged in. Their in-use battery life is nothing to complain about, either. Though the expected battery life varies from phone to phone, you can be sure that whenever you get a Nokia, you are getting a battery that is ready to withstand whatever use you plan for your phone.

3. Unique phone design.

While the user interfaces and on-screen workings remain the same from phone to phone, Nokia's devices themselves have been redesigned and rebranded in the last few years. Their crowning glory is the Lumia 800, followed by the Lumia 900. These Microsoft-powered phones have a totally new look, nothing like you have seen in any other smartphones. Many smartphones have this backward - the outside of the phone looks the same with every release, while the inside is constantly switched around, making it difficult to use. Nokia does it right. You will love showing off their new attractive and original phones to your friends and family.

4. Truly wireless.

Nokia's technological innovation is working to make their devices as wireless as possible. From wireless charging to wireless speaker docks to a wireless speaker dock that also charges your phone, Nokia is taking steps to eliminate cords altogether from the phone use process. With other manufacturers still stuck on corded charges and connection cables, you will want to take advantage of this newest, coolest wireless technology offered by Nokia.

5. Low-priced phones with high-quality performance.

Nokia spends less money on fancy phone parts and uses basic parts creatively for a user experience that rivals that of more expensively built smartphones. Because they save money on building their phones, they can offer them to their customers for less and still make a profit. With Nokia, you can buy incredible phone performance for a fraction of its expected cost.

Nokia, quite simply, offers high-quality products at very decent prices. Their low-end phones are easy to use, while their high-end smartphones are cool, full of great features, and more resistant to damage than many smartphones. They easily hold their own against the pricier smartphones, making Nokia a viable option any time you are looking for a new type of phone.

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