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Nokia Lumia 928 Black

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Samsung ATIV Odyssey

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Nokia Lumia 928 White

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Windows Phone 8 is one of the newest and hottest smartphone platforms on the market. A set of great Windows Phone 8 phones were released in November 2012 and have been selling quite well. The platform has a lot to offer the user and is a breath of fresh air when compared with the sea of iPhones and Android smartphones adorning store shelves. proudly brings you the best deals on the most popular Windows Phone 8 devices at below market price. Here are the top five reasons to love Windows Phone 8:

1. People Hub

The People Hub is a great feature that is unique to the Windows Phone platform. It is easy to set up and use and makes things fun. You can integrate contacts from your old phone via Bluetooth, plus incorporate your Facebook, Twitter and email contacts into the People Hub so that everyone is stored in one convenient location. In addition, if you have contacts stored in more than one manner, such as through Facebook and a Hotmail contact, you can link the two profiles so that they are combined into one. Afterward, you will see all of the ways to contact the individual under their name and can choose how you want to contact them, whether by phone, text, Facebook message or email.

2. HERE CityLens

In terms of the Nokia Lumia smartphones, a great feature found in those that run on Windows Phone 8 is HERE CityLens. Previously known as "Nokia CityLens," this app is built into the phones and is a great tool to have when you are in an area you are unfamiliar with and need to find places nearby. For instance, if you are traveling and want to find a great place to stop for lunch, you simply hold up your phone. The app uses location services to find the nearest restaurants and provides you with information on their location/address, phone number and any addition tidbits.

3. Kids Corner

Kids Corner is a feature that is absolutely essential if you are a parent of young children. Naturally, kids love playing with your smartphone. You have probably experienced an issue or two afterward as kids can get into your phone book, email and apps they don't need and shouldn't have access to. Kids Corner is a feature built into all Windows Phone 8 phones that allows you to select specific apps that your child can access. When your child wants to play a game, all you need to do is select the feature and your own home screen and all apps will be hidden and therefore, protected.

4. Customization

Windows Phone 8 offers great ways to customize your smartphone's home screen. This is made possible with 21 different colors you can select for the live tiles, and you can also pin any app or webpage of your choice to your home screen. Tiles can be sized to your liking as well, from small, medium and large.

5. SkyDrive

SkyDrive is a feature that also makes Windows Phone 8 such a pleasure. All smartphones that run on the platform come with 7GB of free SkyDrive cloud storage space. Whenever you snap a photo or video, these items automatically get synced to your SkyDrive account. Your text messages are also stored in the cloud. This allows you to save internal storage on your phone so that you have more space for downloading apps and music.

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